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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I book?

Give me a call, send me a text or shoot me an e-mail and we will set something up that works for both of us. I am very flexible and can work around your schedule. I can absolutely work weekends and nights. Adjustments may have to be made depending on the weather if we are planning to shoot outside. If you'd like to meet before hand to discuss ideas, visions, venues, what to wear etc., lets do it! (complimentary of corse!)

How much do you charge?

It varies depending on what you're looking for. Generally, the base cost for a 10 photo mini session is $400.00. Max package (About 40 photos) is $900. Generally, most people spend about $500-600 for the shoot.


For 3-5 headshots, or portfolio images, adjustments to price can be made to price. We will absolutely discuss this in greater detail beforehand. No surprises! 

Studio Session Charlie-128-2.jpg

What do I do? What can I expect?

You don't have to decide anything alone - unless you choose too. If you know exactly what you want in terms of genre, location, apparel, etc., then great! Let's pick a date and shoot!

If you're not sure exactly what you are looking for then let's meet. We can figure it out together and look at some examples of different types and styles.


The editing process can be very time consuming. My turnaround time is usually between 2-6 weeks depending on the shoot, season etc. I understand there can be urgency and I promise you that I will work within your time constraints as best I can.

If we haven't done so already, we are going to have a conversation about the goals of our shoot and what you want as the end result. Background, color grading, theme (business or casual or maybe a little of both) and quantity of photos will all be dictated prior to the shoot. 

Where can I get my photos printed?

Good news! I can take care of everything you'd like to get printed. There are a wide variety or options from high quality paper to canvas wraps to foam core. If you're, interested, I can text or email you the price list! It usually takes between 7-10days for your printed images to arrive. I also have samples of everything with different sizes if you'd like to take them home and see what they would look like on your walls.

How do I get my photos?

Once your photos have been edited, I will upload them to an album on this website under the "Client Albums" tab. The albums are password protected so only you and whoever you give the password to can view and download the web sized images. Please note that these files are low resolution and should not be printed. They are for online use only.

Other things to keep in mind...

  • Don't match but coordinate. Everyone in blue jeans and a white shirt is a dated look. Coordination is most important. If you want formal business photos, dress formal. If you want a more casual fun vibe, then dress the part and make sure your employees or co-workers (if applicable) do the same. 

  • Relax. Don't worry about where to put your hands. I will pose you and walk you through everything. This is what I do, it's my job. Let me stress about making you look awesome.

  • GRADS - I recommend to NOT get your photos done the day of Graduation - or even the week of. The whole week is very busy and should be enjoyed. Adding photos into the week just adds more to the plate and an extra stress. Your photo experience should be a great experience, not a stressor! Girls, yes this means hair and make up twice but its worth it! Do a trial with your stylist (hopefully Kim at Bratt Pak!) and get your photos done then.

Lastly, after graduation is over, when you look back at your 12 years of school, you're going to recall a lot of memories. You won't solely remember the one night when you wore your perfect dress or suit. I would consider wearing some casual clothes that are "you" in conjunction with your dress or suit. Let's make your formal clothes the focus, but consider getting some photos that will remind you of who you were everyday. This variety is essential if you are thinking about doing an album.            


Do you offer quick 30 min Mini Sessions for Xmas or Easter?

Unfortunately, we do not. Our studio doesn't work in a fast pace, "get them in and get them out", high volume atmosphere. We are chill! Different angles, different lighting, different backdrops or props - these are all things we may adjust to get the look and style that you want. Everything we do is personalized just for you. Your photos are tailored for you and only you. Nobody else will have your experience or product. We understand that some shoots are time sensitive (especially with little ones) but creativity and and the things we value (                     ) should not be rushed. 


Do you "photoshop"? Is it unrealistic?

Yes, I use photoshop and no, It's not unrealistic. The camera does not see things the same way that our eyes do. The difference is that the human brain will filter out things it deems insignificant. Fixing skin blemishes or fixing parts of clothing are examples of things you'd never see through a viewfinder but are very prevalent on screen or on a print. Using photoshop in this way actually makes a photo more realistic to what our eyes would see.

You are a studio photographer. Do you shoot outside?

Absolutely! Please have a look through my Portfolio. Although we do use natural light in some capacity outdoors, we bring our studio strobes outside. An advantage of artificial light opposed to natural light is that you have complete control over the light. The sun kinda spills and throws light everywhere and unless the sun and clouds are perfect, you end up trying to control it, or work with it. With artificial light, you use it exactly as you want to use it.

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