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Who's Delmar?

Well I am actually Adam. Delmar was my Grandfather. He was a carpenter from PEI and was one of the most creative people I have ever known. I have always been very proud of my Grandfather and his work so I wanted to incorporate him into my business in some capacity. Initially, I went by Adam Delmar Moser but with the help and guidance from the very talented girls at Tag Concepts, we decided to shorten it and just go with Delmar as its such a unique name. 

Who's Adam?


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I am Adam! I was born in Medicine Hat, AB. After high school at McCoy, I moved around from Texas, to Las Vegas, to Toronto and even had a brief stint in Paris. 12 years later, in 2015, I found my way back to Medicine Hat and met and married the wonderful and amazing Kim Moser (Bratt Pak Hair Salon). After 2 years in pharmaceutical and medical equipment sales, my awesome wife pushed me to what I really wanted to do - photography. 


I love books and I value education and athletics more than anything. I studied education and Kinesiology while playing baseball in Nevada and have a BA in Education and a BA in Science. I am also certified by the National Strength and conditioning Association as a Certified S&C Specialist.

In December of 2021, I received Accreditation by the Professional Photographers of Canada in the Studio Portraiture category. As of this date, there are only 3 accredited photographers in Medicine Hat including myself and I am the only one with the Studio Accreditation.

I Love my wife Kimberly and our little girl, Charlee (b.may 2019). I love my sister (Lisa) and her husband (Reggie) in Dallas, Tx. My mom and dad (Jim and Val). I love American Akitas. Everything song by Led Zeppelin. Everything written by Heather O'neill. My favorite store is Chapters/Indigo. I live for Edmonton Oilers hockey and my wife has never been wrong :) U.N.L.V. Go. Fight. Win.

unlv baseball, 2008

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family portrait, 2022


Why is photography important to you?

The camera can be described as an extension of our eyes. But it can also be more than that. Photography is an experience for both the photographer and the subject being photographed. Great photography allows us to revisit and relive those experiences by holding onto the memories, moments, people, and possessions we don’t want to forget. When I look at my camera, I see a preservation tool. 


“Photography takes and instant out of time, altering life by holding it still” – Dorothea Lange


firefighting school, vermilion, alberta, may 2019


chuck, 2022

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